About DogeWine

DogeWine was born from the idea of three entrepreneurs to join two great realities of our day.
Italian wine produced tasted and idolatrated all over the world and crypto coins that are able to be the future of the world economy in the short medium term.

DogeWine’s mission is to create a quality product with its own brand, taking advantage of the ten-year experience of the best italian wine companies.
In addition DogeWine will finance the realization of projects based on the creation of new wines (especially organic) to grow the fame of italian wine in the world.

Competence, experience and passion are the qualities that distinguish us and together with our investors we will bring the name of DogeWine to the world.

Supply Distribution

Total Supply

Tokens for Presale


Tokens Burned


Anti-Whale System

0.1% of the total supply


  • 6%Holders
  • 5%Marketing
  • 4%Liquidity
  • 2%Buy Back
  • 8%Holders
  • 7%Marketing
  • 5%Liquidity
  • 2%Buy Back

Read Our Whitepaper

Here is our whitepaper that help you to understand our project and how we want to boost our Token.


Here you can see how the team intends to manage the token and what will be the steps that will lead DogeWine to be known all over the world

2022 Q1
  • Launch Social Media
  • Launch Website
  • Private Sale
  • Public Presale
  • Listing on PancakeSwap
  • Apply for CoinSniper and CoinHunter
  • Begin Marketing
  • Creation of a VIP Group for Big Investors
  • Apply for CoinGecko
  • Apply for CMC
  • Farm on website DogeWine
  • Staking on website DogeWine
  • Expanded Team
2022 Q2
  • First "Big Event" DogeWine auction
  • Apply for Exchange Listing
  • Start of production od wine branded "DOGEWINE"
  • Partnership with big wineries
  • Launch e-commerce store DogeWine
2022 Q3
  • DogeWine NFTS
  • Apply for listing in 50 TOP Exchange
  • Additional initiative based
  • DogeWine Swap or new platform for Presale

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Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
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